Sunday, January 24, 2016

Celebrating Small Victories

It has been three months since Kate began her new medication, a shot of methotrexate every Friday, and we prayed she would be able to get used to the small needles by now. Unfortunately, her fear and anxiety only grew and grew, until Friday. For the first time, Kate did not cry when she got her shot. This journey has been very difficult for Kate as she initially accepted her scleroderma but has since gone into denial, saying the medicine is to help keep it from coming.

This has shown us the difference in how both of our children have dealt with life. Micah, in his unique and Micah way, has struggled to handle his emotions and struggles with an pessimistic attitude. Kate has become emotional and overwhelmed easily. They are both struggling and we struggle to support each well. One has a more emotional response, the other more spiritual. Therefore, Kate's bravery and strength this past Friday was so great and has meant so much to us and we must celebrate this seemingly small thing.

We also celebrate all of the friends who have come around us and Kate. She is truly a blessed girl who has been supported and loved. This support has helped draw her out of fears, though this is a consistent struggle for her and one we do not usually handle well since we are so scared ourselves. The photo above is of Kate and a number of her good friends at an NWCS cheer clinic yesterday. They are all so gloriously goofy and sweet. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us and Kate, we truly appreciate you and you do not know the impact you have had on our lives.

Right now, we ask for prayers as Kate and Becky are currently driving over the pass for Kate's next check up at Seattle Children's. This has been a point of anxiety for Kate in particular as the last two appointments have not gone well and each time she has added a new medication. She also has blood drawn each time and she still hates needles. We pray that nothing has progressed and there are no new treatments added. The appointment is at 2:30 on Tuesday, please pray for peace, comfort and nothing new.
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