Monday, October 26, 2015

New Normal, An Update From Becky

We just wanted to share an update with you all on Kate. Matt and Kate headed over to Seattle this past week for an appointment at Seattle Children's. When we were there over the summer they started her on a new medication as the signs of Scleroderma were beginning to present. They did the gamut of testing and set us up to come quarterly for appointments.

Thursday, Matt and Kate spent some time with the doctor. Poor little one got her blood drawn once again, a thing, if you know Kate, she despises and boy does she let people know about it. At least we know her lungs are healthy :) It seems there may be some progression in the disease in her fingers and so they decided to start her on yet another medication. It's a low dose of a medicine often used (in high doses) for chemo. However, it is supposedly a wonder drug that will help keep stiffness of her fingers at bay. Something she was worried about. Unfortunately, it means a shot we have to give her once a week. This girl is going to be so used to needles after this. Between this and needing to get her blood drawn every time she has an appointment now, she's going to be a pro!

We would love for prayer for our little one as she gets used to her new normal, shots and all. Also for peace and comfort for her. She's a smart little cookie and though Matt and I have promised to never lie to her, we also have promised never to saddle her with more than necessary. But she's perceptive and she's trying to process things. We would also ask for prayer for the family as a whole. This last appointment solidified it. Scleroderma is here. We are so blessed by her amazing doctors and even the research that's being done at Seattle Children's on this very thing. We are trying very hard to not let our minds wander to possibilities but simply what is right here right now in front of us and deal with only that.

Thank you all for your love and support.


Matt, Becky, Kate and Micah
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